About Me (Kola Aderinto)

I have the following Graphic sold and available at fiverr.com

DigitalShirtDesign copy











My name  is Kola Aderinto. I come from a family and culture that places emphasis on the importance of education.I am an individual who is driven, and motivated.

My academic background is Communications Media, Graphics design. However, I am able to work in both Graphic and interactive media because of courses taken in web design, interactive media and mobile development at Fitchburg State College.As a Graphics communication major, I am able to channel my creativity and motivation towards defining the way people communicate in an age driven by information technology.

My freelance experience in working with clients has also enhanced my skills in web development with CSS, PHP, and java script. Also, taking online courses in my free time has further enhanced my knowledge of computer application, mobile interface design, and web development with ASP and java. I consider myself an individual who is creative, motivated and thinks out side the box. As a result, I am able to bring my clients’ visions and ideas into reality. My freelance experience working with clients has enabled me to thrive in fast paced environment.

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